Group Dog Park Adventure

Dogs that live among us in our human world are asked to abide by our rules, adjust to our schedule, and in some cases be outfitted in our clothing. The good news is that they are more than happy to do whatever it takes to make us happy and be a part of our lives. However, what will never change is the fact that they are, and always will be, dogs. The best way to give your dog that break from the human world is by taking them to a dog park. Better yet, let us take them for you. We come to your place and pick them up then take them to the dog park. We supervise, play with them for an hour, then bring them home safe and sound.

Whether your dog needs more exercise, loves the socialization and play time, or they’re left alone bored all day with nothing to do. This service gives your dog an opportunity to go potty during the middle of the day, and provides them much needed exercise and socialization, leading to a much happier and more well-behaved dog.

All dogs must have a current rabies vaccination for dog park adventures. Also all dogs must be spayed/neutered, non-aggressive, and current on flea/tick treatment. It’s also recommended that you get vaccines for canine parvovirus, canine hepatitis, and distemper.

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